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CD REVIEW A Radical Recital: Rasputina


Rasputina is quite possibly my favorite musical discovery of all time. If you don't appreciate classical music, Rasputina will enlighten. However, they defy the usual connotation behind classical music. Here, Mozart meets Melora Creager, founder of and mastermind behind Rasputina, who set out with the intention of creating an electric rock cello choir (no guitars allowed), hoping to inspire creativity in young string musicians. A Radical Recital is a live recording of songs from all of Rasputina's CDs. Its energy showcases their ability to blend grungy rock with the gorgeous accompaniment of strings in a tantalizing combination. Their orchestrated version of Heart's "Barracuda" is a fantastic sample of what you can expect.

Creager's voice is raw and lacks rehearsed perfection. She lets the emotion spill out beyond the lyrics and into her audience, similar to Jewel or Alanis Morrisette. The lyrics are perceptive and thought-provoking, set to melodies that tell a story all on their own.

The gypsy-like sound and of Rasputina is enchanting and warrants a place among any CD collection. As Creager herself states, "For those of you with closed minds toward classical music, just open them up like flowers in the morning and it will only hurt for a second". Ah, if only there were more corset-clad groups like Rasputina. They have won me over and I am forever a fan.