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Catch Some Rockin' Moves at Band of Balance

Thursday, March 8-Saturday, March 10


Prior to phonographs, radio and recorded music, if you wanted to hear a tune, your only option was a live performance. Theater, opera and dance all required a musical ensemble to provide the soundtrack. But in the 100 or so years since recorded music gained popularity, performances have moved away from using live music, opting instead for speakers and records, and depriving the audience of what once was an integral part of seeing a performance.

Two local arts groups are collaborating on a project that reunites musicians with performers, providing the audience with twice the spectacle of a typical production. Balance Dance Company is teaming up with Boise Rock School for a dance- and rock music-filled evening with some of Boise's most-accomplished young artists at Boise Contemporary Theater.

"Performance arts are so fleeting, so if you're dancing and playing music, there's something really important about doing that," said Leah Clark of Balance Dance Company. "And being able to share that space and time together on stage is really magical, and the audience will feel that. Having these young and virtuosic musicians play with these young virtuosic dancers creates a beautiful synergy."

The performers are all teenagers, but this won't be a trip to your high school band concert or little sister's dance recital.

"The students that we have doing this project are all older—14, 15, 16—and some of the dancers are even older," said Boise Rock School's Ryan Peck. "So it's a full-on performance, it's not like kids' play. It's legit and it's going to be really, really cool."

The event features six choreographed dances, including a contemporary ballet from Lauren Edson of Trey McIntyre Project and a modern dance that involves about 100 cardboard boxes on stage from Tahni Holt of Portland, Ore.