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Catch some NAS-No-CAR at the Meridian Speedway Omnium

Saturday, March 17


For one day, Meridian Speedway will clear out the Coors-slamming race-car crowd and welcome a slew of Spandex-clad yuppie road-bike racers for the Meridian Speedway Omnium.

Disingenuous stereotypes aside, this should be one cool bike event.

"We haven't had an event like this in a couple of years on the speedway, where a lot of bike racers could participate," explained race promoter John Rogers. "It's three different races on one day over the course of four hours, with alternate races, and it's racing for points."

Racers have to be licensed and qualified, and categories are based on age. The races run about 15-30 minutes each, with cyclists speeding around the quarter-mile track in less than 30 seconds per lap.

Plus, the event is on St. Patrick's Day, and the Speedway will have beer for sale (sorry, wine snobs).

"When it comes to types of races to watch, this is about the best," said Rogers. "You get to see the bike racers for the whole race. So if you like bikes, it's definitely something you'd enjoy watching. You can get that experience of being right next to the racers and seeing what they're doing."

Even more, the bikes these professional racers use are quite the mechanical marvels.

"Everyone will have deep-dish carbon rims that are aerodynamic and help people go faster," said Rogers. "The racers are all in their Spandex and team suits with all of their sponsors on them. Probably the most expensive bikes people will have there are $5,000. The wheels themselves can cost $1,000."

If bikes are your thing, this is a solid way to spend St. Paddy's Day afternoon. According to Rogers, the best time for curious spectators to watch is between 2-6 p.m. That's when the pros in the master category will do their thing.

Interested participants may register online at