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Cat Simulator 2015


The lines to see forever-frowning Grumpy Cat (aka, Tardar Sauce) at SXSW 2013 rivaled those for any ride at Disneyland. One headline read, "We Have Reached Peak Internet Cat," which, though humorous, is obviously a joke. There's no apparent end in sight of feline domination, as evidenced by yet another cat app: "Cat Simulator 2015" from Swift Apps, LLC, the people who brought us "Goat Simulator," "Goat Rampage" and the eerie "Mental Survival."

CS 2015, available for both iPhone and Android, is a cute, simple little game in which you are a frisky kitten scampering around, knocking things over, collecting gold coins and being all-around annoying to the humans you encounter as you complete small, timed missions like smashing a big-screen TV or catching and feeding the puppy romping around the yard.

For a free game (in-app purchases available), it's a fun timesuck, even if the gameplay and the graphics are a little clunky... or even creepy. In the backyard level, three burly figures are sitting at a picnic table, having a meal. They are rendered in such a way that they look like they're wearing nylon stockings over their faces and when you jump on the table and start pushing their food to the ground, they get up, presumably irritated by your antics. Due to what must be a glitch, they start stalking around yard in weird, jerky moves, looking like a cross between a zombie and the girl from The Ring. It's funny and freaky at once, unintentionally adding a new dimension to the game even Grumpy Cat might find amusing.