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Cash For Cans


Financial woes while gift shopping can seem like small potatoes compared to the countless Boiseans unable to shop for groceries during the holidays. Luckily, Pacific Steel and Recycling has concocted a plan to combat both lack of funds and hungry tummies. Aluminum hoarders will have the chance to feed the needy as Pacific Steel and Recycling presents the CANned Food Drive. The drive will offer participants a 5-cent per pound bonus on aluminum cans, provided they also clean out their pantries and bring in some unopened canned goods. All cans accepted are donated to local food banks, providing much needed help for those in need.

For those feeling particularly giving, Pacific Steel and Recycling also offers customers the option to donate the money received from their recycled cans and other metal objects to any local charity. It's not often that you make money by helping others, so scrounge up some canned goods, recycle some cans and help create a merrier holiday season for the citizens of Boise.

Wednesday, Dec. 9-Friday, Dec. 11, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., FREE, participating locations: 5120 Emerald St., 320 W. Main St., 2515 E. Comstock Ave., 3575 Highway 30 West, 1939 Highland Ave., 208-375-2131,