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Last week we said goodbye to three cartoons: Jaimy Stokes' Aimless, Life in Hell, the meat and potatoes alt-comic by Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, and Angie Grow's Calculator Club, the second-place finisher in last year's Bad Cartoon Contest. We did so to give a new face to some of our cartoons.

In this issue you will see two new cartoons. The City, by Derf, which can be a little racy at times, deals with political, social and cultural issues. An interesting fact about Derf is that he went to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer--you know, the serial killer. He was actually friends with him. It isn't something he makes fun of at all. Actually, in a true-life graphic comic story he portrays the experience, in hindsight, as quite scary.

Our other new cartoonist is a local. Allen Gladfelter will be doing a serial cartoon called Intrepid Event. You might recognize his name and his style from the Idaho Press Tribune where he occasionally inks an editorial cartoon. Finally, beginning in a few weeks, the winner of this year's Bad Cartoon Contest will have the opportunity to publish his or her own cartoon in BW for one year. (See next week's issue for the winners.)

On another note, in this issue you will notice the absence of "Wink," our fake news section. We decided to let it rest for a while and revamp our news section. In news you will notice our "8 Days Last Week" column highlighting local, regional, national and world news events from the previous week, all with a tongue-in-cheek style. You might also notice our updated "True Crime" section, which highlights local crimes. Enjoy.