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Car Crash


Boise's downtown drivers got a bit of rush-hour eye-candy last week when a wayward SUV crashed into the front of the Key Bank Financial building on Idaho St. between Capitol Blvd. and 8th St. According to Boise Police, the accident occurred at 4:27 p.m. when a female motorist panicked in the perilous middle turn lane on Capitol and Idaho. With her husband and child in the car, the woman started going straight, decided to go left, and ended up doing a little of both. She rocketed over the curb, through a tree, a bench, a support column and obliterated the revolving door on the front of the Key building. No one was injured, but hundreds of spectators were heard to heard to proclaim, "How'n the hell'd she do that?"

The building's property manager told BW a week after the accident that the extensive damage had not yet been given a number, and that bank users should expect the revolving door to be boarded up indefinitely. Apparently, the company that made the door doesn't exist anymore.