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Captain Ahab, March 24, VAC


Los Angeles-based electropop duo Captain Ahab once created a song for a movie so bad that it was good. In 2006, social networking site TagWorld joined New Line Cinema and announced a song contest for Snakes On A Plane. Captain Ahab (Jonathan Snipes and Jim Merson) won for "Snakes on the Brain," which was included in the film's soundtrack.

The duo is still as clever as ever, expressing a sense of humor (visit as well as a darker artistic side (watch the video for "U Want Me" on YouTube). Captain Ahab's new release, The End of Irony (Deathbomb Arc), is due out next month, and the track "Acting Hard" is available for download. It's a weird amalgamation of sparse beats, rap, Gregorian-like chants, fuzzy screams and church bells that grow from a repeated mantra to a Nine Inch Nails-style cataclysm. It's cool like Samuel L. Jackson.

Wednesday, March 24, with Tik///Tik, For Fuck's Sake and Tenohone, 8 p.m., $5. Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St.,