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Canyon County Law Enforcement: Caldwell Man Molested Daughters, Wife Allowed it to Continue


Lester Kester, 48 - CCSO
  • CCSO
  • Lester Kester, 48
A Canyon County couple is behind bars. Investigators say the man molested four children over two decades and the woman did nothing to prevent it, other than praying for a "demon" to leave him.

48-year-old Lester Kester is behind held at the Canyon County Jail, facing four felony counts of lewd conduct with a child younger than 16. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare contacted law enforcement in late June, saying that Kester's daughter said she had been molested years earlier. Following a series of interviews with the daughter and Kester's other children, investigators said they learned of a history of abuse from Kester. Police said the sisters also told  authorities that when they told their mother about the abuse three 
Sarah Kester, 50 - CCSO
  • CCSO
  • Sarah Kester, 50
years ago. And when detectives interviewed the mother, she indicated  that it was "against her belief system" to report the abuse. Instead, she said praying for the "demon" to leave was her way of protecting the children. According to investigators, the mother said she first heard of the abuse 17 years ago. The mother, 50-year-old Sarah Kester is charged with felony injury to a child. The couple lived at a Caldwell address.

Lester Kester is behind held on $500,000 bond and Sarah Kester is behind held on $25,000 bond. Both are expected to appear in Canyon County Court on Thursday, July 26.