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Canvas Inspires Glassworks At Art Of Nature

Current showcase at Boise Art Museum


Winter is not a good season for plants. The Foothills, lush with native grasses and freckled with sagebrush and desert shrubs, are barren, golden toes dusted with snow and frost. The winter chill has reduced your flowers to stiff, petal-less stocks, and your tomato plants have crumpled into piles of decaying organic matter.

Animals have it no better. The bears have retreated to their dens to sleep until the snow melts. The yellow-breasted tanagers have fled along with the rest of birds smart enough to get out of the cold.

But at Boise Art Museum, the plants and animals are getting a few more days in the sun, thanks to the Art of Nature exhibit.

Art of Nature is a collaboration between artists, William Morris and Alexis Rockman, that celebrates the plant and animal worlds on canvas and on glass.

Rockman painted three large-scale canvases depicting figurines of animal and plant life--all of which are on display. The paintings served as Morris' inspiration to create 38 glass vessels adorned with the essences of these themes.

The effect is an aesthetic statement about a world easily forgotten in winter, when we distract ourselves from the cold with winter sports and bad television.

The exhibit hangs through June 2, but this slower time of the year is the perfect time to take it in.