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Camping, coughing and quiet?


A recent camping trip to the Grand Canyon North Rim raises a couple questions: Is the concept of peace and quiet completely dead in America, and secondly, how big is big enough?

We were raised as tent campers and still are, but after seeing some of the huge diesel rigs towing 35-foot bi-levels on wheels, or towing an SUV bigger than the one we camp out of, I have to wonder what has happened to the hearty American stock that settled this nation. You just can't call this camping. And the stench of diesel and the accompanying "valve clatter" made the otherwise beautiful camp ground sound and smell like an I-84 truck stop.

Some people are too old, feeble or otherwise incapable of tent camping, but come on! You can be comfy and warm in a smaller, quieter, more efficient rig.

Suggestions: downsize, simplify and please be quiet. That campground-rated generator is not quiet enough. Also, nobody else wants to hear your inane cell phone conversations. You know who you are. One final question: If you require A/C, heat, wide screen TV, I-net, cell-yack and a house on wheels with a queen-sized bed to "camp," why not just stay home and rent a video about the Grand Canyon instead?