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CAMP in Boise

Tuesday, Jan. 8 at Neurolux


Should your New Year's resolution call for consuming more tunes, Radio Boise Tuesday returns Tuesday, Jan. 8, at Neurolux, with performances by Boise's Lucid Aisle and Ugly Hussy, along with Twin Falls/Boise outfit CAMP, followed by a Radio Boise DJ set.

Headliners CAMP wield typical rock instruments: Cameron Andreas leads with guitar, Aaron Ajeti's bass comes with a punch and Pops Miranda's drums crash and rattle the sound into movement. On top of that, CAMP is willing to experiment, dabbling in electronic influences, adding a dash of distortion and regularly featuring a horn element via Shane Cox. Those elements flip the word "typical" on its ear.

This freshness can be found on the song "Drift," as Cox pumps out a bluesy solo outro, with Ajeti's bass adding thrumming punctuation. According to its Facebook page, the band hopes to record a follow-up to its 2012 No Smoking live EP in the coming months.