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Many eulogies have been written for the (seemingly) lost art of political cartooning. In the first decade of the 21st century, the position of staff cartoonist all but disappeared from the mastheads of newspapers around the country. One cartoonist has taken it upon himself to serve as keeper of the flame, however, and in these fraught political times, we need the work of incisive, biting cartoonists more than ever.

Daryl Cagle, who has drawn editorial cartoons for papers in Hawaii, for and, has since 2001 been publisher of Cagle Cartoons, an online repository and syndication service for more than 100 artists from around the world.

At, users can peruse pieces on every major issue around the globe, organized by subject or searchable by artist name; read the work of editorial columnists and bloggers; and order a range of cartoon compilations and other publications.

Updated daily, Cagle Cartoons offers a running commentary on the news presented by some of the most talented—if tragically underrepresented—artists in the world.

—Zach Hagadone


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