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Cage The Elephant

Dec. 7, Revolution Concert House


Someday, when alien archaeologists comb the bombed-out ruins of human civilization, all they'll need to get a true sense of the musical styles from 1960 to the '00s is a copy of Cage the Elephant's Melophobia (RCA Records, 2013). Though the album title means "fear of music," it could just as well mean "fear of routine." It's all there: from hand claps and horns to disco, strung-out punk, anthemic pop and ass-kicking party rock. The Internet has thrown up its hands and labeled Cage the Elephant "alternative rock," but it's not so simple. The Kentucky-based band is gleeful in its genre bending but committed to a macabre lyrical sensibility. From paranoid ruminations on feeling a beat in your teeth to astronauts spying on you through your own telescope, it's trippy stuff with a pedigree ranging from The Beatles to the Pixies, Weezer to the Black Keys. As Cage the Elephant sings on the popular single from its 2008 self-titled debut, "there ain't no rest for the wicked."