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By the Numbers: 2012 London Summer Olympics

The oldest, youngest and most successful gold medalists.


When the Olympic cauldron is lit this Friday, July 27, 10,500 athletes representing 204 nations will begin competing in 26 sports. More than 300 events will be spread out over two weeks.

The oldest man ever to win a gold medal was 64-year-old Swede Oscar Swahn (shooting). The oldest female gold medalist was 53-year-old Sybil Newall from Great Britain (archery). The youngest man to win gold was 14-year-old Kuso Kitamura of Japan (diving). The youngest female gold medalist was 13-year-old American swimmer Marjorie Gestring..

American Michael Phelps has won 16 swimming gold medalists, more than any other man and Russian Larisa Latynina was 18 gold medals in gymnastics, more than any other woman.

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Here's how the richest and poorest medal winners fared when their 2008 medal count was adjusted by that year's annual GDP. The circles show amount of GDP a country "paid" for each medal. For example, the U.S. won a medal for every $130 billion in economic output; India for each $1.126 trillion. Zimbabwe, while the poorest, earned the most medals per GDP.