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American Institute of Architects chooses local design winners


Every two years, the Idaho Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)* assembles a jury of reputable architects to award honors to projects by architects practicing in Idaho. Last October, the jurors awarded six projects, from 30 entries, in three categories: Honor, Citation and Merit. In addition to the juror selections, one project was honored with a People's Choice Award. This prize provides an opportunity for the architectural community to present their recent work and encourages the public to become aware and involved with the built environment.

Overall, the jury felt that the diversity and quality of projects reflected a vital and thriving design culture in Idaho. This was evident in both the range of architectural programs and the variety of stylistic expressions. The jury also commented that there seems to be some conscious direction to an "appropriate contemporary regional aesthetic--one that moves the language of architecture in the state beyond heavy timber and native stonework." The winning projects demonstrated thoughtful and appropriate solutions in terms of budget, scale, program and context in a spectrum of architectural innovation that ranged from landscape to urban design.

Award-winning projects this year include an art gallery, a single-family hillside residence, a youth shelter, an urban office building, a community center and a car wash.

The three individuals selected to jury the 2006 AIA/IDAHO Design Awards brought a wide range of perspectives to the awards program. The jurors were: Prescott Muir, A.I.A., principal and founder of Prescott Muir Architects of Salt Lake City; Eric Migacz, A.I.A, design principal with MHTN Architects of Salt Lake City; Michael Tingley, A.I.A, principal with BOORA Architects of Portland, Oregon.

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