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BW's City Council Starting Lineup

Trade them! Collect Them All


Anyone who braved the introductions to the last few BW Election Guide issues read the same story: "We wanted to endorse a candidate, but we couldn't come to a consensus and didn't want to force our opinions onto each other." Horsefeathers. This year, my first as news editor, I was more than willing to force my opinions about the 2005 Boise City Council election onto anyone and everyone. And, truth be told, the rest of the editorial staff seemed to share these views for the most part (or at least they nodded politely until I left the room). But the election itself wouldn't fall in line.

First off, 2005 is a year in which our governor, congressmen, senators, state politicians and mayor are all safe, secure and sleeping snug-as-a-bug in their beds. Rats. All we have to haggle over are three Boise City Council seats. Secondly, two of the three challengers in this year's election are, for all intents and purposes, one-issue candidates (despite Brandi Swindell's recently acquired ability to have opinions about things other than abortion, virginity and feeding tubes, we're still inclined to view "faith" as her issue). For us to endorse her opponent Maryanne Jordan, or Community House advocate Mark Seeley, or Jerome Mapp, simply didn't feel satisfying. Nor did we want (although the temptation was definitely there) to simply unleash a bunch of anti-endorsements: "Anyone but Brandi!" "Down with Tibbs!" and so forth.

So here's our message: Make up your own damn mind, Boise. But make it up--and vote--because as we've seen in the last two years (The Year of Colesgate/Community House, and The Year of the Ten Commandments, respectively), the actions of our City Council have a significant bearing on the way our city runs and how it presents itself to the world. To help you, we've given you a complete set of election cards--each complete with dotted cut-out-lines for safe removal from the paper. Then, because we are who we are, we threw in a few snarky little surprises and tidbits that we came across in the course of our pathetic, news-obsessed lives. Vote away!