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BW Video of Basque Soccer Friendly: Tacos, Chorizos and Green Turf Instead of Brats, Blue and Orange

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  • Jarrett Mitchell
As soon as the parking lot gates outside of Albertsons Stadium opened July 18, a familiar scene unfolded as scores of RV's, pickups and other vehicles streamed in to grab a coveted spot for tailgating. But more than a few things were different: tacos and chorizos were as plentiful as brats and hot dogs, kalimotxos were poured aplenty instead of beer, and the typical blue-and-orange Boise State University sweatshirts yielded to red as the primary color of jerseys for both Athletic Bilbao and Club Tijuana.

When the nearly 22,000 fans entered the stadium they were met with a sea of green turf that had been laid atop Boise State's iconic carpet of blue. 

Fans needed a bit of coaching to get up-to-speed on the appropriate soccer chants in order to cheer on their favorite squad. Nonetheless, the crowd was fairly lubricated as the stadium allowed beer and wine sales at the stadium—something that's a no-no during Boise State football games. 

The historic event—Idaho's first major international soccer match—was framed by a spectacular mid-summer evening and left more than a few attendees hoping for another soccer friendly, perhaps in the five years prior to the 2020 Jaialdi celebration.