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BW Takes Home Press Club Awards


On May 7, members of the Idaho Press Club gathered for the annual awards banquet held by the statewide journalists' organization. Here's a rundown of Boise Weekly's awards.

Competing against all television, radio and newspaper outlets across the state:

- First, Best Use of Social Media

- First, Online Only Program for "Scenes from a Scene"

Competing against other weeklies in the state:

- First, General Excellence, tie with Idaho Mountain Express

- First, Website General Excellence for boiseweekly.com

- First, General News Story for George Prentice's "Promises, Promises"

- First, Watchdog/Investigative Report for Scott Weaver's "Cow Country"

- Second, Watchdog/Investigative Report for Jody May-Chang's "Exporting Homophobia"

- First, Serious Feature Report for George Prentice's "Halfway to Hell"

- Second, Serious Feature Report for Carissa Wolf's "We've Come a Long Way, Baby - Or Have We?"

- First, Arts and Entertainment Reporting for Tara Morgan's "State of the Art"

- First, Political Reporting for Zach Hagadone's "Curiouser and Curiouser"

- Third, Business Reporting for Zach Hagadone's "Hard Times in the Hinterland"

- First, Environmental Reporting for Deanna Darr's "Predator and Prey"

- Second, Rookie of the Year for New Media Czar Josh Gross

Congratulations not only to those reporters named here but to the editorial staff as a whole. The six people who work beside me full time in BW's newsroom work hard every day to put together award-winning material, and I'm very grateful to each of them for what is, apparently, their inexhaustible dedication. Thanks also to the roster of freelancer writers on whom we regularly rely. Your enterprise and talent undoubtedly help make us better at what we do.