BW Staff Pick: Best Pizzazz 2018


Beer and pizza is a combination so classic, other combos use it as a point of reference. While the two have been paired in Boise many a time, the owners of Bru on Eighth Street downtown are bringing them together with extra pizzazz.

"I'm not going to say it's the first, but we're going to do it the best," said co-owner Debbie Kessler.

Modeled after similar taphouses across the country, Bru will have 30 beer taps mounted on the wall, and customers can pay for a single ounce of beer or up to a full glass using prepaid cards, not unlike the way wine is dispensed at local wine bar Bodovino. As a result, customers may not interact so much with a bartender, but Kessler said she hopes they'll experiment, try new beers and "get social" with a tasting app that allows them to rate and comment on brews they've tried.

Located in a narrow slice of the Main + Marketplace building, the wall taps conserve space, but there's plenty of room for a central New York-style pizza bar, where customers can grab whole pies within 5 minutes of placing their orders. When BW spoke with the owners, they were still working on sourcing ingredients, but teased a "Bru-tal sauce" for heat-seekers to slather on their crusts.

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