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Three years ago, Boise Weekly made a decision to do away with the concept of candidate endorsements. The decision was in part logistical: Hauling in all of the candidates and ballot initiative proponents and opponents would have required some hefty meeting time and even more planning. So, nix on that account.

But more importantly, we take seriously the label we carry: an independent newspaper. Our job is to report the news and call it as we see it, then let the chips fall where they may. Candidate endorsements seemed to go against that notion.

Finally, endorsements would require a herding of ideological cats and, despite the small size of our staff, this is one very diverse workplace.

So, we decided to conduct our own election. Secret ballot, no names to be revealed, a simple tally of the larger statewide ballot choices. Out of 19 staff, we had one missing in action and two that declined to vote. The results might surprise some, and they're here for your perusal:


Jerry Brady (D): 12

Butch Otter (R): 4

Marvin Richardson (C): 0

Ted Dunlap (L): 0

Lieutenant Governor:

Larry LaRocco (D): 12

Jim Risch (R): 3

William C. Wellisch (C): 1

U.S. Representative, District 1:

Andy Hedden-Nicely (UP): 9

Larry Grant (D): 6

Paul Smith (C): 1

Bil Sali (R): 0

Dave Olson (I): 0

U.S. Representative, District 2:

Jim Hansen (D): 11

Mike Simpson (R): 3

Travis Hedrick (C): 0

Cameron Forth (I): 0

Did not vote: 2

Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Jana Jones (D): 14

Tom Luna (R): 2

House Joint Resolution 2:

No: 16

Yes: 0

Proposition 1:

Yes: 11

No: 5

Proposition 2:

No: 11

Yes: 3

Did not vote: 2