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BW Got Back


Each of our readers takes a different tack when dissecting Boise Weekly. News hounds linger over the first few pages, music nerds thumb through the Guide and crossword junkies cut straight to the back. Well, now there are a few more reasons--in addition to anthropomorphized cats, astrological prophecies and ripple-chested men--to scan BW Classifieds.

In our Jan. 9 issue, artist Elijah Jensen-Lindsey resurrected his popular cartoon Hobo Jargon. Whether it's a dude talking about "triumphant pubic hair" or a bearded man looking for a "less boastful leotard," Jensen-Lindsey pens hilarious asides for both his hirsute and clean-shaven characters.

In other new comic news, this week's paper includes the first installment of Garry Trudeau's long-running syndicated national comic, Doonesbury. For more than 40 years, Trudeau has made his name penning timely political and social commentary. We'll publish the Sunday edition of Doonesbury each Wednesday in 8 Days Out and post Trudeau's five other weekly installments online at doonesbury.boiseweekly.com.

But it's not all chuckles this week. We're also launching Rest of the Best, a competition that takes up where BW's Best of Boise leaves off. Each year after BOB hits the stands, we are flooded with calls from local florists, carpet cleaners, glass blowers and others wondering why we don't have a category honoring their trade. Rest of the Best is a way to give some love to businesses not on the BOB ballot.

Beginning this week, you can vote under the category Recovery Starts Here, which includes Boise's best bail bondsman, DUI attorneys and loan shops. Just head to boiseweekly.com and look for the Rest of the Best button. Results will be printed each week in the Classifieds section. Upcoming categories include ski season, Valentine's Day and wedding planning.

But enough about the back of the paper, here's what's front-and-center in our world this week: The main News feature looks at how Boise's homeless population is using free Internet access at the public library to have a voice, the Noise feature trails Ketchum cowboys Old Death Whisper and the Arts feature delves into Shakespearean heroines, kung-fu and the undead.