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BW Gets Four Lo-aded and Barbacoa Re-Loads


“The FDA should’ve banned this on taste alone,” proclaimed an official BW taste-tester during our investigative video report into the effects of Four Loko—and the drink’s recently banned caffeinated malt beverage peers Tilt, Joose and Core—on general good judgment.

With 11 cans of toxic, syrupy booze before us, BW staffers embarked on a journey that began with descriptions like “ash-tray-esque,” “barfmouth,” “Mountain Dew left in a Big Gulp under a frat boy’s bed,” and ended with a candle-lit Viking funeral procession down to the Boise River.

As we soon found out, Four Loko is definitely a hazard to public health. It leads mildly reasonable adults to write ukulele theme songs and recite the Gettysburg Address--"Four Loko and seven beers ago"--wearing paper top hats and beards.

Here's the official BW PSA detailing the adverse effects of candy-flavored malt beverages on our once upstanding reputations

[ Video is no longer available. ]

Speaking of booze-infused candy, manufacturers have finally heeded the desires of teenagers the world over and combined their two favorite brain cell obliterators: Whip-its and sugary alcohol. Whipped Lightning, an alcohol-infused aerosol whipped cream is now on shelves in a number of states across the country. The "whipahol" comes in a variety of flavors, including German chocolate, hazelnut espresso, caramel pecan, white chocolate raspberry and coconut. Though Idaho doesn't currently carry Whipped Lightning, according to the company's online map, it's coming soon to Nevada.

Barbacoa--the blingy, pond-side Parkcenter bar and eatery--is slated to re-open one year after a fire completely destroyed the multi-million-dollar establishment. Owner Robert Castoro has updated a number of things in the space, including adding a dance-floor with a DJ booth, a "secret" second story VIP area and rooftop deck.

"We've got ... probably seven figures in new antiquities in there. I have 11 artists that have been working for us full time. Nothing is bought from a store," said Castoro. "It's spectacular and it's over the top--it's literally five times what is was before."

Regulars will recognize Chef Enrique Martinez's signature menu and the rad double happy hour.

A special preview party will take place New Year's Eve. For $50 per person you can enjoy appetizers and one complimentary drink. Score tickets for the NYE party by calling 208-338-5000.