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BW Find: The Crowler


Beer bottles and guitars are those rare things where it just feels right to have your hands around their necks, but when it comes to portability, eco-friendliness, convenience and product longevity, nothing beats beer in cans. The metal barrier protects beer from light, and the containers are lightweight and recyclable. Everything from sixers to cases are available at your local grocery store, but a handful of Boise breweries and taprooms have started using "Crowlers" to help patrons take their favorite microbrews out the door. The term is applied equally to the vessel and the technology that seals it.

  • Courtesy Barbarian Brewing

"You can order anything on draft at our taprooms, except something that's on nitro, and we can fill [a Crowler] for you," said Bre Hovley of Barbarian Brewing.

Crowlers let servers rapidly fill and seal beer cans. Barbarian's lets patrons pick a beer, and their server will fill a 16-ounce can with it, slap a lid on it with the seamer, and send folks on their ways in about 15 seconds. The beer is market price, and the service is free at Barbarian. Hovley said other breweries and distributors in the city use Crowlers for 32-ounce cans, but her brewery prefers the 16-ounce.

"For us, we chose 16-ounce cans primarily for a lot of our bigger, 8-12% beers that are on draft. It's a more manageable size. In order to keep that carbonation fresh, you have to drink that pretty quick," she said.