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BW Card Holder Party

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Did you know that Boise Weekly has its own secret society? We give out special membership cards to those in the know, then get together on the weekends and sip delicious cocktails and scoff at people who pay full-price at local restaurants. Tsk. Tsk.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, we're hosting a highly elite party to congratulate ourselves for being so cool. So why are we telling you this? Well, we thought we'd let you in on a secret: The only pedigree you need to hobnob on our yacht (Idaho Botanical Garden) is a little plastic BW Card. This money-saving card is your golden ticket to a holiday BW Card member appreciation party, which includes admission to Idaho Botanical Garden's Winter Garden aGlow along with free food, wine and beer.

It's our little way to say thank you for supporting Boise Weekly and the local businesses that are participating card members. If you bring a friend who doesn't have a BW Card, we'll hook 'em up with a card and waive the $24.95 sign-up fee. Or get a card for someone/everyone on your holiday list, and we'll waive the sign-up fee for every card you load up with $60 or more. Don't have a card but you want in on the action? Call Boise Weekly at 208-344-2055, and we'll get you all set up so that you're not left out.

The party starts at 6 p.m. in our heated tent at Idaho Botanical Garden. Topsiders and Izod sweaters optional.

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 6 p.m., FREE with BW Card, Idaho Botanical Gardens, 2355 Old Penitentiary Road. For more information on the BW Card, call 208-344-2055 or visit