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BW Asks About Beverages of Choice and Dockless Bike-Shares at Alive After Five


Here at Boise Weekly, we love getting out and meeting our readers, and we're making it a tradition to set up shop at Alive After Five to distribute a few copies of the paper, hand out swag and conduct informal polls.

When Andrew Sheppard and Ghost of Paul Revere played the AA5 stage on June 20, we asked about people's favorite alcoholic beverages and the possibility of dockless bike-shares coming to Boise.

In a contest between beer, liquor and wine, beer came out on top—but just barely. Eleven people preferred it, compared to nine people preferring liquor and six people who said wine is their beverage of choice.

The question was sparked because earlier this week, BW Staff Writer Lex Nelson and intern Marisa Casella attended the Idaho Distillers Association's Taste of Idaho Distilleries event, where they learned about the new (and not-so-new) trends in Idaho's booze industry.

When it came to dockless bikes-shares, the vast majority—27 out of 30 respondents—said they would support the rollout of bike-share programs in which people can pick up or drop off rentable bikes anywhere, rather than at docking stations or hubs. Just three respondents said they would not support such programs.

Dockless bike-shares have been on the Boise City Council's radar for more than a month, and on June 19, they called on city planners to draft a package of proposed ordinances that may, if passed, help corral an industry that has had both positive and negative effects where it operates.