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Butte in Boise St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Boise Centre, Friday, March 15


Giant mining crater aside, Butte, Montana, is an unremarkable mountain town for 364 days of the year. But that 365th day is St. Patrick's Day, and for Butte's Irish population—the largest in the United States per capita—it's the only one on the calendar that really matters. Now, Boise Centre is bringing that pint-raising spirit to the City of Trees with Butte in Boise, a night of Irish revelry including a dinner buffet (starring corned beef and cabbage, cottage pie, Irish pub salad and pasties from Butte-based Joe's Pasty Shop. Plus, there will be suds aplenty, games to play and performances by The Boise Highlanders' pipers, drummers and dancers. If you're even a sliver Irish, this is the time to get your green on.