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Bus drivers still bummed


Boise's bus drivers, still embroiled in a labor dispute with Valley Regional Transit, are not happy with the latest proposal for service to the Overland and Maple Grove area. Claiming that it does not restore a route that the drivers had prior to 2005 and that it does not leave enough time to take a break at the mall, union president Karen Newman said the latest plan for "on-demand" service to that area falls short.

"The other guys still have the work and it hasn't been returned to us," Newman said. "People that make these decisions are in an office" and can just go down the hall to use the bathroom.

The latest plan requires drivers on the 29-Overland bus to honor requests to make an extra loop out to Maple Grove and back to the regular route providing service to the Social Security Administration and other shops and offices in that busy area.

"This obviously addresses a lot of the customer concerns," said VRT spokesman Mark Carnopis. "We were in the situation where we had to find a solution with no additional funding."

The bus company's management committee approved the on-demand or "tripper" service earlier this month. It is expected to start in October.