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Burgers, Beer and Baby Doe

The week in review


The food truck trend shows no signs of waning. On April 15, Fox's popular animated series Bob's Burgers lampooned the mobile eateries when the sardonic, burger-flipping family bought a beat-up truck to sling "grass-fed, cruelty-free" burgers to hipsters at the "Lolla-Pa-Foods-A" truck rally alongside other trucks like Eclipse of the Tart and Justice of the Quiche.

A couple days prior, on April 13, Boiseans packed into the similar (but much less punny) monthly Food Truck Rally.

After March's rally ended in somewhat of a bottleneck, organizers decided to move April's event to the MK Nature Center, a location with more space and more seating. But according to BW's April Foster, "lines were still an issue for many rally-goers."

As attendee Pete Schimpf remarked: "We need either fewer people or more food trucks."

But Foster added, "the long lines didn't stop people from having a good time. Payette's beer line moved along at a faster clip, providing people with cold brew to nurse while waiting for food."

At Humpin' Hannah's, BW staffers were less doe-eyed at the BW Restaurant + Bar Guide launch party. The theme of the evening was demons and divas, and Hannah's Rocci Johnson played both parts--slinking around onstage in a red velour devil's costume while 44 North ladies poured vodka samples. For a slideshow of the debaucherous event, visit

Crooked Fence Brewing toned down the debauchery on April 14 for a late afternoon art event, dubbed Artist Sweatshop. Nine local artists--including Julia Green, Noble Hardesty and Kelly Knopp--pumped out live sketches in front of brewery-goers, who then purchased the pieces for $5-$10.

BW New Media Czar Josh Gross sat down with artist and event organizer Knopp to get all the deets. According to Knopp, Crooked Fence's goal is to continue fusing art with beer.

"We definitely feel like there's a bit of romanticism when producing beer. ... You really want to please people as far as the beer tastes," said Knopp. "That's the same thing with art: You're creating something from your vision and your tastes and your sharing it with people."

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