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Built to Spill

June 5-6, Crazy Horse


Even if their oeuvre consists of numerous full-lengths, EPs and singles, there are bands for which the release of a new studio album is cause for a big celebration. Case in point: Built to Spill and its latest, Untethered Moon (Warner Bros., April 2015). This stunning release is particularly exciting because it has been a stretch since the band's last studio LP and because rejoicing in a new BTS release is not only about the music. Instead, like with any other longtime, influential band, it is also about appreciating the fact that BTS is still doing what it does so well and still putting it out there. Plus, it's even better when you can share the revelry with the band, which you can do when Duck Club Presents two nights of BTS live at the Crazy Horse with the awesome Clarke and the Himselfs opening. Looks like there's a party goin' on right here.

There's a party goin' on here, too:

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