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Built to Last: Strat O'Loungers


Released earlier this year comprised of John Nemeth's old band, The Slims, (Bill Liles, Lawson Hill and Mike Trail) and local blues dude Paul Peterson, is the first Boise-based blues album to be released in quite some time. Soft licks and traditional blues progressions are elements you may have heard before, if you've heard these local boys around town. Making guest appearances on a few tracks are Ken Harris, former owner of the Blues Bouquet and local acclaimed bluesman; Shawn Hall on guitar; Kent Persons on sax and even John Nemeth with some hot harmonica additions. From speedy blood-pumping tracts like "Stang Me," to slow shaggin' blues strolls like "Take a Ride," you'll wonder why people don't acclaim Boise as a local blues factory more often. I was particularly fond of "Chill Bill," a hip, loungy instrumental blues ride with heavy drums and the tick-tackety rhythms underlying a sweet setup for sax solos and guitar grooves. As a final treat, an unlisted tenth track leans towards the honky-tonk country blues-a little side-step from the overall tone, but fun, nonetheless.