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Bug Benefit with Hummingbird of Death and More

Friday, Feb. 8 at Red Room


Sadly, being a musician rarely comes with health insurance. Meaning that when one falls ill, he or she is generally out of luck when the bills start rolling in.

That's the case for Jason "Bug" Burke, who played in dozens of local bands and put on countless house shows before breaking his back in a sledding accident on Simplot Hill in December 2012.

To help with the massive costs of Burke's medical care and the mounting bills of day-to-day life, local bands have put on a series of benefit shows to give back to one of the local scene's most stalwart stall-warts.

Thrash-lads Hummingbird of Death, psych-metal rockers Heibarger, dynamic duo Art Fad and grunge-rockers The Hand will all play at Red Room to benefit Burke. Also on the bill is a special acoustic set from James Plane Wreck.