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Find: Buddies Get You Home


We've all been there. You wake up in a hazy panic after a particularly debaucherous night with your contacts glued to your eyeballs and your shoes still on. Clawing for a glass of water, you run over the evening in your head. Dinner, drinks, conversation, more drinks, after party, more drinks. Somehow you made it home. But where did you leave your car? Shit! It's parked in a metered spot and you're t-minus 10 minutes away from getting a ticket. How the heck are you going to beat the non-hungover metermaid to your car before you've had your first cup of coffee?

Lucky for you, that scenario will never have to play out again. Buddies Designated Driver Service will drive your drunk ass home in your own car so you can wake up in a haze the next morning with your ride gleaming, safe and ticketless in the driveway. That way, all you have to stress about is botching Genesis' "Invisible Touch" on karaoke.

A ride home will set you back $15 for less than two miles, $20 for two to five miles, $25 more than five miles, $30 to Meridian, $35 to Nampa/Kuna/Eagle and $45 to Caldwell. Buddies provides female drivers for ladies who request it and are currently in the process of procuring a motorcycle trailer to cart your hog home.