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Bubbles for Every Budget


Times are tough, but if we don't celebrate the New Year in some fashion, the greedy bozos on Wall Street will have won. So raise a glass at midnight and remember that by buying a bottle of bubbles, you are doing your part to help stimulate the economy. Here are some worthy sparklers priced to fit different financial portfolios:

Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, $12.99

Your 401k has tanked, your company is looking at downsizing. Here's a big bottle at a bargain-basement price. A magnum is the perfect format for bubbles, and this one is surprisingly elegant. There's none of that stemminess you often get with a Spanish cava, just a graceful array of light citrus and apple flavors backed by spice and mineral. A no-compromise, budget-priced bottle that's just looking for a party.

Ca Vittoria Prosecco, $14.99

You used to envy all those friends with their slick portfolios of mutual funds and bonds, but now you're glad you kept your nest egg in a sock under your pillow. Celebrate that fiscal acumen with a bottle of this outstanding Italian bubbly. It offers opulently perfumed aromas of blood orange and fresh cherry, with rich and creamy fruit flavors of ripe mango and soft but zesty citrus. It's a serious prosecco at a great price.

Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut, $16.99

The company pension plan has been trashed, but you were smart enough to put some funds in boring, beautifully safe CDs. Trade up to one of the best values in California sparkling wine. Rich, round and creamy with a crisp citrus backbone, this is a nicely complex wine with green apple and pear fruit flavors and a kiss of mineral on the finish.

Aubry Rose Brut, $55

If you haven't yet discovered Grower Champagne, now's the time. Unlike the big boys whose house style controls most of the market, these are made by small wineries with grapes from their own vineyards. They're not cheap, but you could spend twice as much on one of the name brands and still not score a wine of this quality. So if you've pocketed a tidy sum by selling short the past few months, splurge on a bottle of Aubry Rose. It's an exciting wine with an explosion of peach, raspberry and grapefruit flavors. Aubry Rose is a sensuous wine, round and generous in the mouth with a beautiful procession of bubble—it will make you rethink Champagne.