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BSU's Albertsons Library Celebrates 10 Years


Congrats of a sort are due to Boise State. September 6 marked a decade since its Albertsons Library came into being, after an extensive renovation--expanding 50,000 feet--via a $6 million booster from Albertsons and being rechristened from its original Boise State University Library name. The original library was built in 1963 and survived multiple renovations.

So congrats, Boise State--rarely has a facelift looked so good 10 years later.

Mayor Declares "Library Card Sign-Up Month"

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter is a politician who makes his presence felt. If September was a slow month for critical civic issues--as it appears to have been--Bieter didn't let that slow him down. At a ceremony on Thursday, September 1, at the Valley View Elementary School on North Milwaukee, Boise's mayor held a press event to kick off "Library Card Sign-Up Month" in Boise to encourage students to utilize the local libraries. Rivaling Bieter for photo ops was a marching band made up of second graders tooting kazoos and waving library card flags. Also present was Kevin Booe, assistant director of the Boise Public Library, presumably sans kazoo.