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Drink Wine, Raise Money!

The Bistro @ BoDo is offering local non-profit groups a very cool fundraising opportunity with a "Wine and Shine" event. Your organization can raise funds through silent auctions or other activities while enjoying a fun and educational wine tasting. You can also earn a percentage of bottle and case sales of the wines being tasted. For a fixed price (starting at $25/person), the Bistro @ BoDo provides the wine, bread and cheeses, staff, tasting notes, and does all the set up and clean up for you. Scheduling can be done with as little as several weeks advance notice. Events are typically scheduled on Sunday through Wednesday.

For more information, call The Bistro @ BoDo at 345-0452.

Organic Produce Delivered to Your Door

Brown Box Organics is shaking up the organic produce scene in the Treasure Valley by bringing the farmer's market to your doorstep in—what else—sturdy brown boxes. Want a mix of seasonal, organically grown fruit and vegetables? It's in a variety box for you, Sparky. Finicky, pain-in-the-butt types who wrinkle their noses at broccoli or tomatoes can build a custom box with just the stuff they like. Each box is packed on the day of delivery, and the selections change weekly so you get the best of the season. Brown Box Organics delivers add-ons like loaves from Boise Organic Baking Company, locally roasted coffee from Dawson Taylor, and pantry staples like peanut butter, unbleached white flour, pasta and Cheddar Bunnies snack crackers. They also offer side order boxes with catchy themes like the juicing box, which contains carrots, beets, apples and more for folks who like their juice chock-full of enzymes. The best part is, there's no delivery fee. And they deliver the wholesome goods year-round. Prices for variety boxes range from $22-42; custom boxes start at $30; side order boxes cost about $10.

For more information, visit

TCBY Celebrates 25th Birthday

TCBY is celebrating 25 years of serving "The Country's Best Yogurt." To celebrate its silver anniversary, TCBY brings its new line of hand-scooped frozen yogurt to Boise. Available by the scoop or in pre-packed quarts, the new dessert comes in no-sugar-added and 96 percent fat-free varieties. Rest assured, the slightly-more-fattening stuff still gets squirted out of the machine. So not only does the new dessert save you a few calories from fat, but it also gives the teenage yogurt-scooper behind the counter a little arm workout. Sounds healthy to me.

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