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Brown Bird to Brown up Boise

Friday, Aug. 24, Visual Arts Collective


David Lamb and MorganEve Swain, the duo behind Brown Bird, command a variety of analog instruments. Lamb's guitar and banjo-picking fall in time with Swain's fiddle, cello and upright bass. And, hailing from Providence, R.I., the pair crafts that sound into something uniquely New England.

Lamb spent years working at a wharf in the sleepy town of Warren, R.I. The seaside burg informed his songwriting, which often references the ocean, including the group's 2008 album, Bottom of the Sea, with its breathy acoustic ballads.

The band's 2011 release, Salt for Salt, is more upbeat and percussive. The song "Shiloh" has Lamb's guitar sounding more like a sitar--a shipwrecked musician washed up on the shores of Calcutta.

Brown Bird will navigate its way to Boise Friday, Aug. 24.

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