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Broncos without butts!


In a 2003 study, 92.3 percent of Boise State University students polled said when campus smokers' desire to light up conflicts with a bystander's desire to breathe clean air, the air should get priority. Ferdinand Schlapper, executive director of campus health and human services, agrees. He pitched the idea to the faculty senate last week of making Boise State America's first smoke-free campus. While not willing to put a time frame on the shift, Schlapper was confident that if nothing else, Boise State will enact stricter standards in the near future.

"They'll probably approve the amendment of the existing policy to prohibit smoking at all building entrances," he said. Currently, each building is allowed one smoker-friendly entrance. Schlapper also said he has hopes of creating a system where smoking would only be allowed in designated areas, although the details of implementation, policy education and enforcement--particularly at public events like Morrison Center Performances and sporting events--is not yet clear.

But don't worry, smokers, it isn't all about hate. Schlapper said the Health Center will continue to provide cessation programs, classes and nicotine replacement therapy, though that's probably cold comfort right about now.