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Bronco Students Get Bucked by New Law


While private funding is rampant enough to fund new and marginally necessary practice fields, state funding is dwindling for Idaho's colleges. In response, on April 21 the Idaho State Board of Education approved tuition and fee-hikes at Idaho's public colleges universities. Boise State students can plan on doling out an additional $352 next year, a 10 percent increase. Lewis and Clark State College is the second most affected, with a 9.5 percent raise. The University of Idaho student fees will rise by 9.3 percent, and Idaho State University will go up 8.1 percent. The fee raise was the first such gouging enacted by the State Board, who was recently enabled by a new Idaho law to charge tuition at public institutions. Previously, money collected from students could not be used for instructional costs. According to the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, however, Idaho's rates are still significantly below both regional and state averages.