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Broadway in Boise: The Producers

Tuesday-Thursday, March 1-3


"Pigeons wearing Nazi armbands, scantily clad chorus girls popping out of filing cabinets and a gay Hitler doing his impression of Judy Garland at the palace. What does it all mean? It means Mel Brooks has come to Broadway."

So said Matthew Broderick, who starred opposite of Nathan Lane as Leopold Bloom in The Producers, introducing the smash musical at the 55th Tony Awards.

Brooks rewrote the rules on political incorrectness and picked up an Oscar in 1968 for his film about a Broadway show that never was. However, it eventually became an actual Broadway musical, opening in 2001 and going on to become the biggest hit in a generation.

The Producers are a pair of losers who raise loads of cash for a show so distasteful, it's sure to close opening night. But when audiences get their first glimpse of "Springtime for Hitler," the show becomes a smash hit. Now, the producers, along with their pigeons, showgirls and dancing Nazis, will invade Boise for three days.