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Briefest Best

All the fiction that fits into 101 words


The holidays are past and we're still a week or so away from the start of the 2015 Idaho Legislature. During this brief lull, we might be introspective, still crafting (or maintaining) our New Year's resolutions and trying to get back into the routine of work or school. This is a good time for thinking and planning before the events of the coming year consume us.

It's also a good time for reading—specifically, good fiction. You're in luck with this week's edition of Boise Weekly, wherein we publish the winners of our 13th annual Fiction 101 contest.

Here you'll find the top three 101-word entries, two honorable mentions and four judges' picks culled from more than 220 writers. Illustrated by one of our favorite local artists, Erin Ruiz, the stories are by turns somber, morbidly funny, weary and bizarre—all the things that make for great literature. That they're merely 101 words long doesn't diminish them; rather, it's a far greater achievement to convey a feeling or craft a scene in few words than it is to use many.

Thanks again to our panel of judges, Rick Ardinger, Jessica Holmes, Britt Udesen and Christian Winn, as well as the hundreds of writers who submitted their briefest best.

We hope you enjoy these stories and that maybe they inspire you to practice your own art, no matter what it is or how small it may be.

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