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Bridge Club—March 16, 2005

Preempted Out of Game


Another of bridge's fascinations is that several players can hold the same cards and make wildly different bids. Today's hand was played seven times with five different results, the least probable of which was that east allowed north-south to play in 3 clubs, somehow unaware that game in spades is a cinch on his side's cards. Only once was that contract allowed to play, as north-south rightly bid on to 5 and 6 clubs as a worthwhile sacrifice on the two other occasions that east-west bid game.

The auction shown is my version of what seems reasonable, without having played the hand myself.

Winners in the recent tournament included Charlotte Miller winning flight A Friday with a Seattle partner, while Kendra and Geoff Bridges won flight B. On Saturday afternoon Craig Jones and Marilyn Nesbit took flights A and B, while Betty Coursey and Dave Jameson won flight C.

Last weekend we played in the tournament at Ontario, Oregon, and we will report local winners in later columns. We always look forward to this event because the players there stage a friendly tournament with tons of delicious home-made food. Don't take up bridge to lose weight!

You can experience the thrill of competitive bridge or of learning a new game by calling the Boise Bridge Club and joining the fun. We give lessons for beginners and experienced players. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at 327-0166. See our ad in this paper.