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Bridge Club May 4, 2005

A strange play


When I looked at this hand in the Swiss teams in Twin Falls last Sunday, I thought it was a pretty good offensive hand with a high level minor suit contract possible. That flight of fancy was soon grounded after east doubled my one diamond opening bid (for takeout, asking her partner to bid) and my own partner bid four spades, showing a weak hand with a long suit. This demonstrated that we were on a misfit and when west bid five hearts we sold out.

If the auction sounds strange, the play was more so. You can see from the layout that five hearts is cold if I don't lead the club ace and another for partner to trump, but I led my spade. Declarer took this with the ace and then led another spade to her king. I gratefully trumped with my bare heart king and quickly cashed two aces for plus 50. The declarer is a good friend and could not explain why she did not let the lead ride around to her king so she could lead trumps. We managed to win this match and ended fourth in the standings.

There were lots of interesting hands from the tournament and we will feature many of them in columns to come. Quite a few local players competed in Twin Falls and we will report results later.

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