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Bridge Club May 18, 2005

The largest score


We do not keep track of these in an organized way, so I can't recall the runner-up, but I present the highest score for one hand's play recorded at the club since early 2003: Marion Phillips and Barbara Chalfant got 3,400 points defending this hand doubled and redoubled in six notrump, down six. Their victims were Lucien Stratton and Pat Casey, and the event was a local part of the Sectional Tournament at Clubs. Lu and Pat somehow got to the slam and were so confident of making it that one of them redoubled when the holder of at least three defensive tricks, the ace, king and queen of diamond, realized she was on lead and made the double.

When we played the hand in the same event, we defended three notrump and took the obvious six tricks for down three, a score shared by many. Perhaps this reveals a hole in the bidding system that allows us to bid to game in notrump without a stopper in diamonds, but I am not sure how to fix that and still bid to game on many hands that make nine tricks. Any suggestions?

Every club game was part of the tournament, and results were compared to players across the West. There were up to 1,300 pairs participating in some games, so if you achieved an overall finish the payoff in masterpoints was good.

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