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Bridge Club March 30, 2005

How Would You Get to Seven?


While bridge is a fascinating game, the people who participate in our pastime hold just as much fascination. Last Friday, the club celebrated Vern Nafus's 90th birthday and the non-90th of some other players. We thank Mary Henry for arranging the celebration and providing the cake. Vern and his son Steve Nafus of Salmon are longtime Idaho players, and you would say of Vern that he is 90 years young. His mental acuity and physical shape put to shame many of us who haven't even reached 70, and he is always a challenge at the bridge table. Many happy returns, Vern-we look forward to decades more of bridge jousting.

Looking at today's hand, we wonder that not one pair bid to the cold grand slam in hearts available to north-south. After north overcalls the preemptive 3 diamond call by west, south should realize that his diamond void and heart length are golden to his partner, and my choice of bid would be 4 diamonds. This should confirm hearts as the agreed trump suit and indicate control in diamonds, so now north can cue-bid spades in the effort to find the optimum contract. Once you have agreed a trump suit, subsequent bids should show aces and indicate a search for slam or grand slam.

You can stay young by learning some new bridge tricks at the Boise Bridge Club, where we play six times a week and give lessons at all levels. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at 327-0166. See our ad in this paper.

We have solved our telephone issues, and once again our system will take messages.