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Bridge Club March 23, 2005

A Lesson in Technique


My faithful partner and wife, Charlene, played this hand in the recent tournament in Ontario, Oregon. The hand is a great illustration of dummy reversal technique, so named because declarer uses the trumps in her own hand to take care of dummy's losers rather than the usual play of trumping losers in the dummy. After the club opening lead, she trumped instead of playing the ace, then used the diamond king and a trump as entries to trump the other two clubs. The ace remained to protect against a club lead if the holder of the heart ace had any more clubs, so we were able to score the small slam and show a big gain on the hand.

One of our local players had a phenomenal showing in the recent tournament held in Ontario. Doug Bullock, whose day job is professor of math at BSU, showed his bridge expertise by winning two pairs events, one with Kathy Dowen and the other with Charlotte Miller. Then he won the Swiss Teams with Charlotte and teammates Kendra and Geoff Bridges. By taking 60 percent of the first-place masterpoints, he was also the winner of the points race by a long way. Congratulations Doug!

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