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Bridge Club June 8

An unexpected contract!


We are always pleased when our students and beginning players perform well, even when it means we are the victims. Craig and I played this hand against Anita Babineau and Joanna May, newer players whose husbands are both good club players, when they arrived in the 4 spade contract on a 4-3 fit in spades. To explain the bidding, Anita's 2 diamond response to 1 notrump says, "Do you have a 4 card major suit? We are going to play in game somewhere." When Joanna bid hearts and Anita then bid diamonds, Joanna decided that if Anita's hand did not have hearts it must have spades or else she would not have bid Stayman, so she jumped to 4 spades.

As you can see, Anita did not have 4 spades either, but Joanna made her bidding stand up by making 10 tricks in spades as an absolute top. 3 notrump will be defeated when the defense takes 5 club tricks, but no defense can stop 4 spades and no one else in the game played there. Craig and I thus suffered the indignity of being handed a zero by our students, but in fact we are pleased they are progressing into competent players.

Boise bridge players are getting ready to play in the tournament in July and also to travel to the regional event held in Salt Lake City, also in July. You can join the fun and competition by learning to play bridge at the Boise Bridge Club, where we play six days a week and offer lessons at all levels. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at 327-01266. Look for our BW ad on page 18.