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Bridge Club June 22

More count your tricks!


Our theme recently has been count your tricks, and today's hand provides another example of a declarer losing sight of the goal of making her contract. The lead of the 9 of hearts gave the defense a good start, setting up at least 2 tricks with a potential of more, and at this point declarer should add up the tricks available toward making 3 notrump. She has a heart trick, at least 2 diamonds, and can force 3 spade tricks, so 3 club tricks will see her home. Unfortunately for her side, she tried for more club tricks and let east in with her king to cash setting tricks in hearts. After the club finesse works the first time, she can force her spade tricks and save the second lead of clubs for the end. This will guarantee the 9 tricks she needs for declarer and dummy happiness.

Local players are gearing up for the summer sectional July 22 to 24 at the AmeriTel Inn on Cole and Overland. There will be events for beginners and more experienced players, so if you want to play, there will be an event you will be comfortable in. Tournament chairman is Gary Crupper (345-7910); partnerships chairman is Anna Holley (384-0486); and chairman of the junior knockout teams is Art Crawford (939-3354). We encourage you to come and play. Everyone involved will make you feel welcome.

You can also learn to play at the Boise Bridge Club where we offer lessons at all levels and play six times a week. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at 327-0166. See our BW ad on page 46.