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Bridge Club August 31

A Trump Coup


When you study this hand you might conclude that 6 spades is too high, and that the defense should be able to come to more than 1 trick. My wife and partner Charlene played it with great skill to make 12 tricks by arranging to lead to trick 12 from the dummy, while she had the king-10 of spades in her hand and east had to play the jack or the 5, allowing her to score the last 2 tricks. This is called a trump coup. Obviously if she had to lead from her hand, east would score one of his trumps.

West's spade bid told his partner that he had hearts and one of the minor suits with at least 5-5 distribution, and that information made the hand easier to play. West led his club ace and then led a diamond taken by the ace. Then the play was heart ace, trump a club, heart king pitching a club, trump a heart, trump a club, trump a heart (east throws his jack of clubs), trump a club with the spade queen and then lead a trump. When west shows out, declarer knows she can not draw trumps without giving a trick to the jack, so she plays the diamond king, a diamond to the queen and now the lead is on the dummy and east has to decide how to surrender the last two tricks gracefully.

With the arrival of September, we are starting lessons again. The bidding series starts Tuesday, September 6, at 7 p.m. at the club. We start the play series on Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. Call us at 327-0166 if you would like to learn to play or to revive your game.