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Bridge Club August 17

Skewered by a brilliant lead


I always welcome stories of good plays by the competitors at the club, so I have to tell this one even if I am the victim. Looking at this hand, you would have to think that with any normal defensive lead and play east, as declarer, should chalk up 9 tricks at 3 notrump. In fact, most south players led a small heart in hopes of developing heart tricks later, and so the declaring side had no trouble scoring 400 or more for 3 notrump making 3.

When I played the hand in partnership with Gary Crupper, we were up against Freda and George Peltier, and Freda made the lead of the ace of hearts. I sternly said to her (before I tabled the dummy), "Freda, don't you know you are not supposed to lead aces against notrump?" because I could see what was coming and indeed what did happen. Freda's inspired ace lead skewered my singleton king, and George signaled with his 9 of hearts that he liked the lead, so Freda continued with a small heart to the queen, and they scored 6 heart tricks and the ace of diamonds to set us 3 tricks and give us a bottom board. We all had a good laugh at my faked distress and lecture.

There was a good turnout for the unit game on August 7, with Charlotte Miller and Joan Grimm winning first overall. Ellyn Smith and Lois Watson gave them a good scare, just being edged out and placing second. Ellyn was also a winner in the regular Tuesday game, so watch out when you arrive at her table.

We are holding a special Swiss Teams event on Saturday August 27, so if you are interested in playing or learning to play bridge call us at 327-0166.